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Ma'anshan Tianjun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Maanshan Tianjun Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was founded in 2005. R & D investment accounted for 7.7% of the total sales revenue, and the sales revenue of R & D products accounted for 38% of the total revenue. The company is a professional production and production of track wheels and technology research and extension of ...




Uphold the principle of "integration of resources" and "win-win" purposes, Tianjun partners work has provided a large number of railway wheels, to the domestic and foreign tire, wheel and axle equivalent of railway products, and customers.


  • 12 The number of years of construction +
  • 40 Wheel variety +
  • 2000 Production wheels (tons) +
  • 200 Export wheels (tons) +
  • 100 Domestic and foreign patents (item) +