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The new model will help China's high-speed rail strong DingDing

Industry News
2017/12/22 10:39

Built since 2008, when China's first with independent intellectual property rights of the beijing-tianjin inter-city high-speed, high-speed rail technology rapid development, China has gradually come to the world stage. China's high iron "going out" has become one of China's diplomatic Zhang Shuo purpose card, but more than before for a single is in charge of construction or design. In today's China's high-speed rail technology level and international environment, China's high iron "going out" is facing new opportunities, the whole industry chain output will become the main direction of future development.

From introduction to absorb, from beyond to lead. In recent years the development of China's high-speed rail speed affects billions of people, also attracted the eyes of the world. Been opened to traffic from the beijing-tianjin inter-city high-speed rail to four horizontal "high-speed network basic forming, by the end of 2016, China's high-speed railway mileage of 22000 kilometers, accounting for 65% of the total global level of high-speed rail mileage, China has become the world's only tie-cheng gao high-speed power network operation. From the introduction of Canada's bombardier technology type CRH1 emu into the Chinese independent research and development operation speed of 380 kilometers of the "Renaissance", China's high-speed rail technology continuously moved toward the top of the world, using Chinese technology in many technology affects the standard of "the world".

Because our country land area is larger, complex and varied topographical features, the north and the south span, both landscape and environment caused some obstacles of high-speed railway construction, it is this objective conditions make China's high-speed rail high adaptability. The first in the world through the alpine seasonal frozen soil region, high-speed rail, the world's longest running mileage beijing-guangzhou high-speed, one-off construction mileage in the world's longest an high iron have been built, provides great convenience for the people living at the same time also let the rest of the world for China's high-speed rail technology preferred. In has been completed within the railway project, China railway technology has been widely praised, to all countries in the world for China's high-speed rail output added more "gold content".

With the constant development of economic globalization and regional economic integration today, the high-speed rail as the coordinated development of economy of the engine, has been more and more countries on the infrastructure project schedule. According to the Chinese academy of engineering sun is introduced: the next 20 to 25 years, the world's high-speed rail is around 15000 to 15000 kilometers (excluding China), 2020 rail transit equipment new market and service market capacity of about $133 billion. From the data can clearly know which contains the huge market. As railway technical level on the whole has led the world in China, technology output has become inevitable, but with other countries in the international competition battle, the whole industry chain will be output for China in other countries to provide strong support.

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