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Rail transit type credit card service, and promote the

Industry News
2017/12/22 10:40
In less than a month, people can sit on the two "rail transit" in Beijing. Last night, reporters learned from the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC), the two of the suburban railway in

In less than a month, people can sit on the two "rail transit" in Beijing. Last night, reporters learned from the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC), the two of the suburban railway in Beijing, the city vice center line and huairou - a cloud line is go hand in hand, both will be fully operational at the end of the year. Then, from the Beijing west railway station to stand only for about 40 minutes, tongzhou stood just 25 minutes from the Beijing station to tongzhou. (December 10, Beijing evening news)

In recent years, the development of China's railway is changing. Facilities of both the "hardware" and "soft power" services. The rapid development of railway development, continuous reform and improvement of itself, is advancing with The Times. Especially in the center of the Chinese culture, economy, science center, the center of rail transit type credit card service to alleviate the traffic heart of China - Beijing.

The arrival of the rail transit type credit card service, not a railway accident is the inevitable trend of development. The rapid development of China's railway: from the early single train to the diversity of the train now; From simple railway to a wide range of network; From the monopoly industry to open companies, etc. The development of this kind of advancing with The Times, to get the support of state and people. So. China has the world's most powerful railway network, railway in the world's fastest growing countries, is the world's high-speed rail leader. Such as the 2020 China railway mileage will reach 150000 km; The future decade inter-city Gao Tieru bus type operation; Implementation in the true sense of "xing road power" strategy.

Rail transit type credit card service, accelerated the rapid development of China's heart. "To the development of fast, on the train with all", this sentence doesn't work in poor areas or China's "rich" in Beijing, the author thinks that are in line with the "appropriate". Because Beijing is the heart of China, it is undeniable that there is a large population flow. The Chinese people's basic living standards closer to a well-off, their cars more and more, the Beijing traffic nature is very crowded. Still, the move to rail transit card service, basic to alleviate the congested traffic in Beijing. Because the railway transport energy, quick speed, and brush card rides more convenient features, let the heart of China no longer crowded, no longer because of the heavy traffic limit rapid development in Beijing.

Rail transit type credit card service the railway is in its own "accelerate". For example, 40 minutes to the northwest of Beijing tongzhou, huairou 70 minutes north to gubeikou. The two lines service "tri-cities area" strategy, will be directly connected the zhongguancun science city and huairou science city, is the backbone of the huairou science city external liaison channels. For railway on the outskirts of Beijing, vice center line of tailor-made CRH6A type intercity emu, two days ago has been delivered to Beijing urban railway investment development co., LTD., and was named "Beijing tong"

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